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My gallery is mostly filled with cute things, and fanart of cute things, with a few original characters here and there. Expect to see a lot of Mr. Driller and Pokemon.

I also upload a lot of scraps, if you're interested in those.



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Jasmine Coté
United States
I'm an artist who loves cartoons and making comics. Cute stuff is my specialty!
Leo by Momogirl
I'm gonna do another because the last one was fun!

1. Leo actually comes from someone's pet colony in France! He escaped. How did he get across the ocean? Long story.
2. Like assassin bugs in real life, his 'nose' is filled with venom, about as painful as a wasp sting.
3. Unlike in real life, though, he's no predator, just a hero! Or.. tries to be.
4. He's pansexual as heck he will attempt to date anything that moves, probably.
5. He doesn't have a home, but he does have a "secret base" where he keeps some belongings.
6. Leo doesn't fear many things (to a fault, he's not the brightest either), but he's also very sensitive and cries easily.
7. He got the feather on his hat from a bird he "defeated". (he found it on the ground)
8. His wings aren't fit for flying so he doesn't care for extreme heights.
9. The only person he truly hates is a particular businessman kissing bug.
10. His favorite color is green.


N Gin doodles and stuff by Momogirl
N Gin doodles and stuff
So I got back into crash bandicoot a while back and doodled all these things because N Gin is my favorite. I never uploaded em so.. here!! I'm also still back into crash bandicoot but i dont really have many other presentable drawings, haha.... maybe soon. I need to upload more junk here.
The top picture is both of N Gin's color schemes from the old and new games! (there are multiple designs for both the "forms" but i just sorta meshed them into one for each color scheme)

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Thanks for joining my DWM-Fan-Art group. :)
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Hey, you are the creator of Love Letters, right? Did you know someone made a song about her?
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hi momo.
CoolJamie Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2016
I briefly remember seeing that you translated some Mr. Driller stuff on LiveJournal. Is it possible for you to do some more translations or bring them here?
Cinnamon-scroll Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi /) 
just curious as to weather you're up to doing custom pokemon sprites at all?
(as a paid commission of course ^-^ )
Momogirl Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2016
i could do that yeah!
Cinnamon-scroll Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
id love some sprites made if possible! (if you're open that is and if its not too much trouble)
as many ones of these as you feel comfortable doing and whichever ones you feel like doing /) you may choose ^-^ i wouldn't want to overwhelm you……………… /…
this pokefusion i made (a swablu x dragonair fusion)…

and/or their evolutions:……

any other info you might need are in their descriptions or this folder:…  < it has other pics and veiws to help with some of the other pokemon
hight chart for reference:…

how much would that be?
Blazer-Storm Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
You can draw my OC's as fan art of you want :)
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Happy birthday! :)
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